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Ashlee Consulting’s Identity and Social Change workshop is an absolute must-have for any social impact leader. We look forward to establishing them as a permanent fixture in New Sector’s curriculum!
— Brian Garshelis, New Sector Alliance Twin Cities Program Manager
Ashlee Consulting has a clear sense of systemic inequities and a willingness to dive in to whatever the room needs at the time. It is a pleasure working with Kyle and Aeriel. They provide timely insights for participants and trainers.
— Amy Lazarus, Executive Director of Sustained Dialogue Institute
Aeriel and Kyle bring a unique philosophy to their work that is grounded in sharing social justice stories and reflecting on one’s identities. Their knowledge about their own social identities and the ways they are privileged and marginalized means they draw from these experiences in working with people across differences. Most importantly, they are committed to continuously learning and growing as social justice educators, realizing the lifelong journey of this process.
— Dr. Stephen John Quaye, Assistant Professor at Miami University of Ohio
Two of Dartmouth’s most notorious social justice warriors.
— Joseph Asch, Dartmouth College Class of 1979
Aeriel and Kyle’s passion for education and social justice shines through their work. With excellent public speaking skills and a personable yet professional demeanor, they are able to navigate through sensitive topics and facilitate potentially difficult conversations around social justice with ease. If you are looking to offer professional development training for your employees, students, or staff members, I highly recommend them.
— Jessica Johnson, Special Education Teacher
I am happy to wholeheartedly endorse Ashlee Consulting. Kyle and Aeriel challenged our students’ perceptions and thinking about social justice, men’s role in society, intercultural communication and understanding, ongoing personal growth and leadership.
— Corbin Moro, College Counselor at Franklin University Switzerland